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May 2, 2021

Beer Tap Handles: What Every Beer Fan Needs To Know

Beer Tap handles are a way to promote your beer brand. In this blog post, we will talk about what tap handles are and where you can buy them. We will also go over how to display the tap handle properly. Finally, we will explore some options available for online purchase if you own a kegerator, restaurant, or pub.

 What Is A Beer Tap Handle?

A beer tap handle is a device that helps you pour your favorite beer. They attach to the top of a beer faucet. They also help promote the brand by making it easy to identify what type of brews are available at the bar, restaurant or pub. Tap handles come in many different shapes and sizes with each one used differently depending on what brewery they are from

Picture of Beer Tap Handles

Picture with Different Tap handles on a beer Tower

Are Tap Handles Universal?

Most of the time tap handles come in different shapes and sizes displaying their brewery's logo. However,  the black tap handle is a common tap handle that can be found just about anywhere and works on most beer faucets.

Standard Beer tap handles are cylindrically shaped with a hole drilled at the bottom for your beer faucet. Where you spin on.nOne of the most recognized beer tap handles is the standard black tap handle. You can see below. Available at amazon.

Black tap handles provide an opportunity to display your brewery name without any other design features. They also make it easier to pour beer on direct draw systems that are mounted on the wall. Bigger tap handles make it difficult to pour beer on these direct draw systems.

Where Can You Buy Tap Handles?

Tap handles are purchased wherever draft beer equipment is sold. Common places to find them are home brewing stores, online and at your local brewery taproom or bar. If you're a restaurant or pub the distributors will carry the tap handles you desire.

The most popular and convenient place to find beer tap handles is online. Amazon is a good place if you are looking for something quick and easy. Here's an example below. Amazon also has a bunch of different options available too.

How To Display Beer Tap Handles

Since these beer handles come in many colors, you can use this as an opportunity to create a unique theme throughout your bar. For example, if I am using white cylindrical shaped tap handles for my craft beers and red ones for my imports. Then it will be easy for any of our guests who come through the door to identify which section they should head towards first!

This is because some people may have never been exposed to different types of beer before. It's important that we make their experience as simple as possible by highlighting what makes each set of beers unique.

Another and more common way of displaying tap handles is sorting them by their styles. For example, you could group all your IPA's together, Pale Ales, Lagers and Pilsners together so that your customers can try a different style of beer. A lot of people choose IPA's simply because they're popular, but when they try a lager they fall in love. It's an easy and fun way to have clients try a different style of beer they may never have thought of trying.


Beer tap handles are a great way to get your customers’ attention, advertise for the prospective brewery, and help drive beer sales.

Whether you need an attractive beer tap handle for display or one that will fit into the design of your bar. These options should help clear up any confusion about where to start looking. Check out the Amazon links above for some beer tap handle options, and if you have any further questions please reach out here Cheers!!

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