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December 31, 2022

Best Kegerator Kit to Use In 2023

Are you looking for the ultimate kegerator kit? If so, you’re in luck! A kegerator conversion kit allows you to turn an old refrigerator or beer walk-in into a fully functioning beer dispenser. With the right components and setup, your new device will be perfect for hosting parties or just enjoying a cold brew on your own. In this article, we’ll discuss what components are needed to create the ultimate homemade kegerator as well as provide some recommendations based on what type of equipment is available. So grab yourself a cold one and let's get started!

Is a Home Kegerator Worth It?

A home kegerator is a great investment for any fresh draft beer lover – not only do you get to enjoy your favorite brews on tap, you also get to save money in the long run! It's possible to buy large quantities of beer in kegs at wholesale prices, greatly slashing the usual costs associated with buying many individual bottles or cans. Plus, if you're serious about preserving the flavor profiles of your favorite beers, there's no better way than having them drawn from a pressurized system. A kegerator allows you to choose what type of gas and temperature settings suit your beer the best. On top of all that, it just looks so darn cool! All in all, a home kegerator is definitely worth considering if you want to take your beer-drinking experience up a level. But to do that we will talk about the parts needed for the kegerator kit.

Parts Needed for an effective Kegerator Conversion Kit

So let's break this down. There are lot's of kegerator conversion kits out there but I am going to talk about what you will need to make one work, and make it work well. Through these custom installations you can be sure your system will pour right. And with the proper maintenance cleaning schedule this system will last a very long time. I've put together a list of items below to get you underway. If you already have some of these parts great. You can the other ones to complete your kegerator kit. Or if you want to know which kegerator kit is best. I recommend two different options below.

With that let's start with the first piece of equipment:

Primary Co2 Regulator

A dual gauge low pressure 0-60 PSI Primary regulator to apply the right applied pressure to the keg.

Picture of a primary Co2 cylinder

Stainless Steel Beer Faucet or Faucets

Standard Beer Faucet
Picture of a Flow control faucet
Picture of Stainless Beer Faucet

The only type of faucet to use on a draft beer system. Stainless Steel Faucets with regular cleaning will last a very long time compared to chrome plated faucets

Stainless Steel Keg Coupler

Picture of an all stainless keg coupler

You'll want one of these D sankey keg couplers so you can not only pour beer, wine, kombucha and it will last a long time with scheduled cleanings.

5' of 3/16" Choke tubing Vinyl or 5' of XFM

If you are using a single brand beer tower on top of a kegerator or 2 brand tower 5' of 3/16 vinyl would work. Using a 1/4" or 3/16" beer line would be needed to attach the tower to the beer coupler. Remember a beer hex nut, beer washer would be needed to attach to the coupler. 13.3 oetiker clamps would work for the product side.

Picture of Vinyl Tubing, Beer Hex Nut

Vinyl Tubing with beer hex nut, washer, and hose fitting

Picture of XFM Tubing

xfm tubing. You would need a 3/16 hose fitting, beer hex nut and beer washer to use this on your kegerator kit.

You can also substitute the vinyl for 5' of XFM. This tubing lasts longer than vinyl and what I would recommend. To Use XFM you would need a 1/4" SS hose fitting to attach to the coupler. Using 13.3 oetiker would work and if you don't have one a hose clamp would work just fine.

5' of 5/16 Air Line for Co2

This is a red airline and will attach to your Primary Regulator and keg coupler. Since the pressure won't be any higher than 12-14 PSI you can also use some 3/8" ID Vinyl if you have some extra. 15.7 or 16.2 oetiker clamp can be used to fasten the air line to the keg coupler.

Picture of Red Air Line

Air Line used in Draft Beer Systems

17.0, 13.3, 15.7, 16.2 Oetiker Clamps

Depending on the type of line you will be using these oetikers will be used throughout the kegerator kit. Again, if you don't have them you can substitute hose clamps if need be.

Picture of an Oetiker Clamp

13.3 Oetiker Clamp

Picture of an Oetiker Clamp

15.7 Oetiker Clamp

Picture of an Oetiker Clamp

16.2 Oetiker Clamp

Picture of an Oetiker Clamp

17.0 Oetiker Clamp

Oetiker Pliers

These will be needed if oetiker clamps will be used. If not hose clamps will work.

picture of oetiker pliers

Beer Shank Assembly for a Refrigerator Mount

If you are going to use a old refrigerator for your kegerator. Make sure you have a SS shank with 1/4" bore at least 4 1/8" long. You will also need a beer hex nut, beer washer and 1/4" hose fitting

picture of a beer shank

Single or Double Beer Tower For Kegerator Mount

You can buy these separate and they normally includethe beer hex nut and hose fitting to connect to your coupler. Also, they should include your beer washer. These beer towers are pretty self explanatory. Keep in mid you might need a simple surface mount drip tray if you don't have one.

Picture of One Brand Beer Tower
Picture of the Spanner wrench 6 in 1 tool

Spanner wrench or beer wrench to tighten your beer faucets. This one has a few other tools on it and is by far the best spanner wrench on the market. A regular spanner wrench would be just fine.

5lb Cylinder for Co2

Picture 5lb Co2 cylinder

To house the Co2 to prime your system

Beer Hex Nut, Beer Washer, 3/16 Hose Fitting

straight forward here. Need all these to attach to the beer shank and coupler

Cleaning Kit for Regular Cleaning

Picture of Hand Pump

Recommended to have one of these to clean your systems routinely

Recommended Kegerator Kit

Below are two recommendations for a regular refrigerator conversion or a standard kegerator conversion with a beer tower. These two options have all the pieces needed to make a great kegerator conversion kit. Also, they include cleaning supplies to maintain your kegerator.

Door Kegerator Kit

Here's a recommended door kegerator faucet if you already have an old refrigerator you'd like to repurpose.

Picture of a kegerator conversion kit

Tower Kegerator Kit

Here's another option if you would like a beer tower set up for a kegerator or at home bar.

picture of a  kegerator Conversion kit


As you can see, there are many parts and pieces needed to build the perfect kegerator kit. If done correctly, it should last for years as long as you take care of it properly with regular cleaning and maintenance. With all these components together in a single set up, you will be able to enjoy your favorite draft beer at home or even host a party with friends! So if this sounds like something that interests you then why not get started today? You won’t regret making the investment in an amazing kegerator conversion kit – cheers!

If you'd like more information on draft beer dispensing please check out my blog here. If you'd like a list of recommended products from a draft technician for your beer system check this out. Lastly, if you have any further questions about kegerator kits or anything else. Get in contact with me here.

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