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May 2, 2022

Best Draft Equipment To Serve Cocktails On Tap

Cocktails on tap are becoming popular. In addition, kegged cocktails on tap offer customers drinks that are fast, portion correctly and produce less waste overall.The key to serving kegged cocktails on tap is to have the right equipment. This includes 304 stainless steel couplers, beer faucets, and shanks. Other important equipment includes 304 stainless kegs and Xtraflexmaster tubing. By using the best equipment you can ensure you'll give your customers the best craft cocktails experience on draft. So if you're thinking about adding draft cocktails on tap to your menu, make sure you have the right equipment first!

What Cocktails On Tap Are and How They Work

Draft cocktails on tap are a type of drink that is made by combining liquor and mixers and then storing the mixture in a keg or other container. The draft cocktail can be served straight from the tap. Making them a convenient option for bars and restaurants. Cocktails on tap also have several other benefits. Because the cocktails are premixed. They can be made in large batches ahead of time, which saves bartenders during busy periods. Overall, cocktails on tap are a convenient and cost-effective way to serve drinks at bars and restaurants.

The Benefits of Cocktails On Tap

Draft cocktails on tap are a popular choice among both bartenders and customers. The main benefit of cocktails on tap is that they are pre-made and ready to serve. Meaning they can be served without compromising on quality or freshness. Other benefits of cocktails on tap include convenience, cost efficiency, serving multiple drinks rapidly and versatility. For example, with a cocktail on tap system, bartenders can generate new recipes. By adding different mixers or ingredients to the main cocktail base.  Overall, it is clear that there are benefits to using cocktails on tap in your bar or restaurant. Whether you're looking to speed up your service time or simply improve your bottom line. These beverages are sure to provide an ideal solution, while pouring consistent cocktails.

How To Set Up Your Tap System

To set up your own cocktails on tap system, start by gathering all of the necessary equipment. Also, you'll need to know what's the best type of beer tap system to use serving cocktails. When deciding what equipment you'll need first it needs to be 304 stainless Steel. This would include beer faucets, beer couplers and beer shanks. Anything that comes into contact with the product or cocktail should be 304 stainless.

Picture of an all stainless keg coupler

304 Stainless Steel Coupler From MIcro Matic

Standard Beer Faucet

Stainless Steel Faucet

picture of a beer shank

Stainless Steel Beer Shank

You'll need a specialized product line to carry the product from the keg to the faucet. I'd recommend Xtraflexmaster tubing from Micromatic. Because it's designed for wines, ciders, beer and cocktails. 

Picture of XFM Tubing

XFM Tubing for Product

Picture of Red Air Line

Air Line used in Draft Beer Systems

Next, you would want a 304 stainless keg, or a cornelius keg to house your batch cocktails. I'd recommend the 304 stainless kegs because they fit d-sankes or a-sankes instead of the plastic cornelius fittings. I believe they're a better quality product too.

304 stainless Steel Keg

9 Litre Tank for D-Sankey Coupler

304 stainless Cocktail Keg

18 Litre Tank for D-Sankey Coupler

Lastly, you'll need to decide if you are going to be serving still cocktails or cocktails with fizz. For still cocktails you'll need a Nitrogen Regulator and for fizz a primary Co2 Regulator.

Picture of a Primary Micromatic Regulator

 Primary Co2 Regulator

Picture of Nitrogen Regulator

Primary Nitrogen Regulator

Once you have all of the necessary supplies assembled, you can then begin setting up your system. Begin by connecting the gas supply line to your main regulator and attaching it to the kegs. Then attach your taps and line with the coupler. Making sure to secure them with hose clamps or oetikers.

Finally, turn on your gas of choice into the keg. Pressure will depend on the line restriction of your system but if you are using 4' of XFM 3/16 I.D your pressure should be set at 10 PSI. Regardless if it's Nitrogen or Co2.

Recipes For Some Popular Cocktails 

Although we generally associate cocktails with high-end bars and swanky cocktail lounges. Recent years have seen an increasing trend towards serving cocktails on tap. This growing trend has made it easier to enjoy delicious drinks at home or in a more casual setting. To get started with this exciting new way of serving cocktails, here are a few recipes for some of the most popular drinks that are now available on tap.

For beginners, there is the classic Old Fashioned. This timeless cocktail is made with only three simple ingredients: whiskey, simple syrup, and orange bitters. Combine these ingredients in a keg until mixed.  

Another easy option is the Gin Fizz. which combines simple syrup, gin, lemon juice, and seltzer to give you a refreshing drink perfect for summer nights out on the patio.

If you're looking for something a bit more sophisticated and luxurious, the Blackberry Martini might be right up your alley. For this recipe, you will need fresh blackberries, vodka or gin and simple syrup as your base ingredients. To make things even fancier, you can add some edible flowers or a splash of lime juice for a tart, citrusy twist for garnishing.

So whether you're looking to jazz up your next cocktail party with cocktails on tap, or just enjoy these delicious drinks in the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of options to choose from! So what are you waiting for? Get mixing and start serving cocktails on tap today!


Cocktails on tap are becoming more popular as they provide a more convenient and casual way to enjoy cocktails in the drinks industry. The best draft equipment is key to ensuring you execute cocktails. And this blog post provides the best equipment on the market to serve cocktails on tap. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced mixologist, cocktails on tap are definitely worth trying!

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