Draft Beer Tools and Equipment

Here's a list of some tools needed to service, repair and set up beer systems. Click on the pictures for pricing!

These oetiker pliers are smaller than the ones below, but have a side crimp which is important and used to take off the oetiker clamp if needed to be removed. I use these oetiker pliers about 80 percent of the time on the job.

These oetiker pliers are more expensive, but are easier to crimp oetikers than the ones above. I'll go to these if there is a lot of crimping that needs to be done and want the easier path to crimping instead of using both hands like the pliers above.

This is one of those tools needed for a beer system. Used to tighten and loosen beer faucets, and an absolute must.

I've used many cutters in the field for beer trunk lines, beer line and air line. I've found these are my go to cutters, super sharp, and very reliable.

Like the beer wrench this is a must to have in your tool kit. A digital thermometer will give you accurate temperature for beer coming out of your faucet. Temp in a beer cooler which is one of the most important variables to know when it comes to draft beer dispensing.

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